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Monday, 3 September 2012

LIME CRIME: Loose Shadows

Lime Crime Loose Shadows

In my last Lime Crime post on their gorgeous lip products, I did mention I wanted to try out more of the loose eye shadows. At that point I just had one shade in Mirror Mirror. I now have 7 more, so I thought I would show you what I've now got.

Mirror Mirror, silver with iridescent shimmer

Cupcake Thief, soft baby pink

Empress, vibrant purple
Show Addict, bright royal blue

Circus Girl, sunshine yellow

Twilight, lavender with violet shimmer

Diva, peachy gold

Lime Criminal, bright lime green

I have really enjoyed all the Lime Crime products that I've have used so far. I like the fact that they stray away from the normal and go for bright, more unusual shadow colours. It is very easy to stick to neutral shades but using these shadows brings attention to your assets. Out of the 8 shadows I have, I think my favourite has to be Diva. I love gold shimmery colours especially for summer.

Cupcake Thief, Diva, Circus Girl, Lime Criminal, Shoe Addict, Empress, Twilight, Mirror Mirror

Shadows retail in the UK for £9 each

Now I really wanna try the coloured liquid liners... The white one looks gorgeous. Have you got a favourite Lime Crime Product?

Friday, 24 August 2012

BENEFIT: Coralista Blush and Gloss!

My favourite Benefit products recently came out with matching glosses, when I heard I was so excited to try them. I think every girl is a sucker for a lip gloss. Coming out with six of shades; Dandelion, Sugarbomb, Dallas, Bella Bamba, Hoola and Coralista.

Coralista, the first Benefit box powder I ever purchased and have loved ever since. A great shade for summer especially, and looks great paired with Benefit's Cha Cha Tint. Adding Sun Beam is great for an optional gorgeous bronzey highlight.

 Coralista Gloss

Coralista Gloss with Cha Cha Tint

I love the texture of the gloss, feels like a balm and is very soft on the lips. Like the blushes, the glosses have a lovely fruity fragrance, which I like although it may not be to everybodies taste. The colour pay off is quite sheer, but adding Cha Cha Tint underneath the gloss, gives it more of a kick.

wearing the 4 products

The lip glosses are retailing for £13.50 in the UK, Blushes £23.50, Cha Cha Tint £24.50 and Sun Beam £18.50. However, if you want to try these out in smaller sizes first, Benefit are releasing a set called Tropi-Coral (Kit comes with High Beam rather than Sun Beam) Priced at £24.50.

I've been really enjoying these products for Summer. Have you tried them? Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 23 August 2012


I've loved MAC lipsticks since my first ever one and now have managed to accumulated 30, with still loads on my list to get. I thought I'd pick out my very favourites (it was hard) and show you. Some are limited edition ones as I do tend to buy from collections, however you never know, it could get re-promoted or you could find them at a CCO. In no particular order, these are my top 10!

Red Racer, Milan Mode, Pink Nouveau, Saint Germain, Viva Glam Gaga, Creme Cup, Angel, Pervette, Marquise D', Creme D' Nude

Viva Glam Gaga #1 (Lustre)
(Limited Edition)

Marquise D' (Lustre)
(Wonder Woman Collection)

Red Racer (Satin)
(Hey, Sailor Collection)

Creme Cup (Cremesheen)

Saint Germain (Amplified)

Creme D' Nude (Cremesheen)

Pink Nouveau (Satin)

Pervette (Glaze)

Milan Mode (Lustre)

Angel (Frost)

As you can tell I love pinks and nudes, I find them easiest to wear with my skin tone.
What's you favourite MAC lipstick?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Do You Lilac It?

A little spring time combo I'm loving.
Using OPI's Do You Lilac It? nail varnish and Lime Crime's D'Lilac lipstick.


Do You Lilac It?

What are your favourite spring looks?

Friday, 17 February 2012

LIME CRIME: Lipsticks

I got my first Lime Crime lipstick (Airborne Unicorn) back in August and fell in love with the colour and the amazing opaque finish. I've finally got around to buying some more and I am absolutely loving these also. The packaging, first off, is amazingly gorgeous. The purpley/pink tube with the silver sparkly unicorn image and the Lime Crime logo. It is sleek and pretty and instantly stands out when you pull it out your handbag.

Airborne Unicorn (I got a backup)

This colour stood out so much that when I first saw it, I had to have it. I'm acually wearing this one in my profile image and I think it is one of the most wearable everyday colours Lime Crime have.


I don't think this colour will be for everyone, but I adore it. It has such an opaque finish and is so creamy to apply. It was recently seen on Nicki Minaj and I think it looked amazing on her!

Countessa Fluorescent

This bright pink is gorgeous, every girl needs one in her makeup bag. 


Centrifuchsia is a pinky/red colour, a colour i normally wouldn't touch, but when my order arrived this was the first one I wore and I was amazed that I actually could wear deeper colours on my lips.

No she Didn't

Well, what can I say... Wow! No She Didn't is an amazing opaque bright blue and although I won't be wearing this shade out everyday of the week, I think it's definitely got potential to be worn on the right occasion... I love it!

There are still 4 more I would love to have in my collection, Great Pink Planet, Mint To Be, Coquette & Chinchilla. I also got one of the Magic Dust eye shadows in the colour Mirror, Mirror. It's a beautiful silver glitter and I love it also. I've not been massively into loose eye shadows, but since trying this one I definitely want to get a few more of their colours. I've used Mirror, Mirror over the top of MACs Bare Study Paint Pot and it looks super pretty and sparkly.

If you haven't got Lime Crime already... You need some!

Update: click here to see more loose shadows from Lime Crime!