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Monday, 3 September 2012

LIME CRIME: Loose Shadows

Lime Crime Loose Shadows

In my last Lime Crime post on their gorgeous lip products, I did mention I wanted to try out more of the loose eye shadows. At that point I just had one shade in Mirror Mirror. I now have 7 more, so I thought I would show you what I've now got.

Mirror Mirror, silver with iridescent shimmer

Cupcake Thief, soft baby pink

Empress, vibrant purple
Show Addict, bright royal blue

Circus Girl, sunshine yellow

Twilight, lavender with violet shimmer

Diva, peachy gold

Lime Criminal, bright lime green

I have really enjoyed all the Lime Crime products that I've have used so far. I like the fact that they stray away from the normal and go for bright, more unusual shadow colours. It is very easy to stick to neutral shades but using these shadows brings attention to your assets. Out of the 8 shadows I have, I think my favourite has to be Diva. I love gold shimmery colours especially for summer.

Cupcake Thief, Diva, Circus Girl, Lime Criminal, Shoe Addict, Empress, Twilight, Mirror Mirror

Shadows retail in the UK for £9 each

Now I really wanna try the coloured liquid liners... The white one looks gorgeous. Have you got a favourite Lime Crime Product?