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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

BENEFIT: The Beam's

Sun Beam, Moon Beam, High Beam
Benefit do seem to love a highlight or five... and three of which come under the Beam family, that's Sun, Moon and High Beam.

Sun Beam
Sun Beam, the newest to the collection, is a golden bronze which is definitely my favourite and most reached for. I like to add it to my foundation and wear it all over the face rather than just on my cheeks bones. I love a golden shimmery glow and this does the job perfectly.

Moon Beam
Moon Beam, is an iridescent pinky, golden apricot colour that could be blended all over if you wanted to, but I think with this colour it works better just on the cheek bones and the brow bone. This colour does look gorgeous of darker skin tones.

High Beam
High Beam, the original super model in a bottle highlighter is the lightest and most popular out of the three. It does work better on the lighter skin tones and again blended onto the cheek and brow bones for that pop of shimmer on the face.

Sun Beam, Moon Beam, High Beam
Which one is your pick?


  1. I need to try Sun Beam, love the other two! xoxo.

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