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Saturday, 27 April 2013

MAC: Truth and Light - Magically Cool Liquid Powder

MAC: A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin.

This powder is a really odd formula, a fine powder which is made up of 70% water and finishes off foundation. It is a sheer powder which lightly enhances the skin, giving an iridescent glow. When applied it does feel very wet, which is strange because it is a powder formula. I still like it though, it doesn't give a lot of coverage, but I like how it feels and the subtle glow it gives.

Monday, 22 April 2013

BOBBI BROWN: Creamy Concealer

I have owned Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer in the past and recently repurchased another as I really liked it. I have a different shade this time, previously I had Cool Sand, this time I picked up Beige in the CCO, it was the only colour they had in stock, but it looked suitable for me, it's pinkier than Cool Sand, but it means it'll work well under the eyes.

The concealer also comes with a setting powder in the base of the pot, which is a yellow toned light powder, so if you like to set your concealer, it's the perfect two-in-one. For me, I tend to get dry skin, so I don't always like to use too much powder, especially around my eye area, but this powder is not a heavy one and on certain days I do use it to set my concealer.

I got my Creamy Concealer from the CCO in Antrim for £16.50

Saturday, 20 April 2013


I've been visiting my parents in Ireland for three weeks and am back off to England tomorrow and while I've been here I have done quite a bit of shopping. I thought I'd do a haul post of what I got, as I love reading these kinds of posts. I went to Belfast City Centre and there is a CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet/Store) close by, which is basically a discounted cosmetic store which sells all brands that are part of the Estee Lauder company. Also I shopped in Derry, Ballymena, Coleraine, Letterkenny, Glasgow and got a few bits online too, here is everything I got my hands on...

Blue Milk, Lunar Sea, Orchidaceous

LIME CRIME: Blue Milk Uniliner
LIME CRIME: Lunar Sea Uniliner
Orchidaceous Uniliner
LIME CRIME: Glamour 101 Lipstick
LIME CRIME: Mint To Be Lipstick
LIME CRIME: PoisonBerry Lipstick
ZKNATURAL: Bioderma Crealine H2O Michelle Solution

PoisonBerry, Mint To Be, Glamour 101

I love Lime Crime and had be lusting after the liners for a while and wanted a few more lipsticks too. Available Here or Here, where I ordered mine. I got Bioderma in Paris back in November, for €11.90 and finally finished up my 500ml bottle and was desperate for more. Now it is available in the UK, I went in search of the best deal online. I found it Here for £14.40 including postage for 500ml bottle. 

MAC: brush cleanser

Up the Amp

I had six empty product packaging, so I returned those to MAC, and chose Up the Amp lipstick. And as boring as brush cleanser is, I like MAC's one for my brushes.

Antrim (Junction One):
CCO: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
CCO: MAC Spray pump
CCO: MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick Set
CCO: MAC Truth and Light Magically Cool liquid Powder
CCO: Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder

I love going to the CCO, being able to grab myself some bargains. It can be hit or miss depending on what stock they have in, but I always manage to find a few bits that take my fancy. MAC Matchmaster foundation I got at £17.50, they retail in store at £25. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit which I have had before and wanted it again. MAC Viva Glam Gaga set of her two limited lipsticks, I have her first lipstick and it is nearly done and I never had her second one, so I thought while I could, I'd get the set. MAC Truth and Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder, I just liked the look of it, as with the Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder.

MISS SELFRIDGE: Black Peplum Jacket
TOPSHOP: Brown Chelsea boots
SEMI CHEM: St. Moriz Spray Fake Tan
BOOTS: Carmex

As soon as I saw the jacket, I knew I had to have it. Perfect for smartening up an outfit, can't wait to find an excuse to wear it. And it was in the sale at only £22. In Topshop I got brown Chelsea boots which I have had my eye on for ages, but couldn't find them in stock anywhere back home. I already have the same ones in black and loved those as they are really comfy. Along with those I got St. Moriz spray fake tan and a tube of Carmex.

MISS SELFRIDGE: Black Silk and Lace Shorts
TK MAXX: White, Green and Blue Roxy Bikini Top
TK MAXX: Purple and Black Roxy Bikini Top
BOOTS: Soap and Glory Large Vanity Case
BOOTS: Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Body Butter
BOOTS: Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Face Mist
CLOCKWORK ORANGE: Navy Superdry Hoodie
TOPSHOP: Black Leigh Jeans

The black shorts caught my eye and although it's still not very warm outside, I thought that soon enough it'll be summer and pairing these up with my Jeffrey Campbell's they'd look great. The two bikini tops were a bargain at £3.99 each in TK Maxx. I always struggle find good fitting bikini's and these both are a really good fit and shape. They didn't have matching bottoms so I'll have to go in search of some now! I've been looking for a large vanity case for whenever I travel, as at the moment I'm using three and the Soap and Glory one is huge and perfect for all my bits. An offer at Boots, spend over £10 and get a free Butter Yourself Body Butter, worth £10.50! I also got the face mist to tan my face up a bit for summer. I really wanted another Superdry hoodie as they fit really well and are comfy, plus had 25% off, couldn't say no! And Topshop also had a sale and the Leigh jeans are comfy and will be good for work and they were down to £25 from £42.


CLOCKWORK ORANGE: Navy Barbour jacket
TOPSHOP: Stud and Rhinestone Necklace
TOPSHOP: Oval Sunglasses

Coleraine is my local town and is pretty small with not a lot of shop choice, however they do have a Clockwork Orange which is a Northern Ireland only store. They sell everything from Barbour to Ugg to Superdry, both Men's and Women's. I saw the Barbour Jacket in Ballymena, but when in Coleraine there was a 20% Student Discount on, so I picked it up a bit cheaper. Again Topshop's are everywhere, but for some reason I always find more in the smaller stores. I'm not massive on cheaper Jewellery as I just wear the pieces my boyfriend has bought me over the years, but this necklace really caught my eye and thought there would definitely be an occasion to wear it. Along with that these oval sunglasses, which totally remind me of Gaga, and I liked them on, so got them too, along with a free fabric case.


RIVER ISLAND: Khaki Molly jeans
RIVER ISLAND: Fringed Moccasin pumps

We took a trip to Letterkenny which is in Southern Ireland and I got these as they both caught my eye. I  liked the Moccasins, which I had seen before and like but they never had my size and the Molly jeans are the best fitting jeans I can find.

TOPSHOP: Midi Heart Ring
TOPSHOP: Pini Tapered Jumpsuit

Front and Back

Also took a day trip to Scotland, which is where my brother lives, we met him and did some shopping. It rained ALL day, which was a bit annoying and then I got very sea sick on the ferry back to Ireland. But I did love what I bought. I used to have a midi ring years ago and after it broke I never found another to replace it. Now they're more popular I found this one in Topshop and for only £4! The jumpsuit was love at first sight, it's more dressy than what I normally go for, but I loved it on so much and I have to say it looks a lot better on than in photos. 
I definitely made the most of my time back in Ireland and spent loads. I don't normally go this crazy but it was a holiday after all!

Be sure to link me your haul posts as I love to read them!